Week 1, January 8th and 10th, Introduction to the Writing Process

Tues: Go over syllabus and introductions; look over homework reading--skim together; prepare for the writing process lecture

Thurs: The Writing Process -- the basics; answer any questions from the lecture; practice writing
In-class journal: What are your biggest hangups with writing? How do you approach writing assignments? What has worked for you and what has not? We will then share them in class.

Week 2, January 15th and 17th

Tues: Introduce the narrative; read in-class narrative
Thurs:Parts of speech, finding subjects and verbs to avoid run-ons and fragments; start playing The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

Homework: Bring in topic and story outline


Week 3, January 22nd and 24th

Tues: Practice more subject/verb exercises? Go over topics and outline.
Homework: Bring in your first paragraph of your narrative. Thursday:

Agenda and Homework

Week 4, January 29th and 31st

Tues: Bring in your draft to the computer lab.

Thursday: Computer lab

Week 5, February 5th and 7th, 3-5 pages due

Tues: Editing; grammar issues?
Thurs: Getting your narrative ready for peer-review
Homework: Revise your essay according to the conference and bring a fresh copy to class on Tuesday.

Week 6, February 12th and 14th

Tues:Go over more examples with dialogue; create a story as a class Thurs: More exercises with the comma
Homework: Read R - 1 (357-369) and read over P-1 through 10 (287-330)
Final narrative due Tuesday; upload on Turnitin.com, and bring peer-review and signed English Lab draft

Week 7, February 19th and 21st

Tues: More exercises with punctuation; begin reading "Me Generation"
Thurs: Editing exercises; go over profile topic ideas further; discuss interviews more

Week 8, February 26th and 28th

Tues: Find sources on the library database; cite them correctly
Thurs: Summarize one of your sources

Spring break! The week of March 5th

Week 9, March 12th and 14th

Scheduled Conferences

What to bring to your conference:
1. A Working Thesis
2. An Outline
3. Preliminary Research in a Works Cited page (MLA Formatting)
4. The interview or observation (or at least the questions and a summary of who you plan to interview or the plan for the observation)

During the week of the conferences in comp. we will be working on these assignments in the computer lab; you will have the conferences on Tuesday with all your work.

Week 10, March 19th and 21st, 4-6 pages due

Tues: Conferences
Thurs: No class, Teacher out

Week 11, March 26th and 28th, Research

Tues: Thesis statements continued; look at examples
Thurs: Look at a list of research ideas and analyze; editing exercises
Homework: Write a working thesis and three possible topics you can cover

Week 12, April 2nd and 4th, MLA Citation Format; Computer Lab

Tues: Work on thesis in class and share; find three sources
Thurs: Start writing one paragraph

Week 13, April 9th and 11th

Continue working on annotations; summary exercises and paraphrasing exercises

Week 14, April 16th and 18th

Tues: Grammar exercises
Thurs: Make up day?

Week 15, April 23rd and 25th

Tues: More editing exercises

Thurs: MLA upclose; cite numerous souces and edit each others

Week 16, April 30th and May 2nd

Tues: Final reflection done in class

Thurs: Open conferencing, bring checklist to my office or email me; Essay due May 2nd

Finals Weeks

Last day of class is May 7th; You must turn in the final reflection on May 7th