Final Research Paper

Overview: You will write a 4- 5 page research paper that has at least 5 sources cited. Only one of the sources can be a website (it must still be legitimate and fit in the context of CARS). The paper can be persuasive and/or informative.


* You must get the topic approved. Topics that are not approved will not be accepted in the final paper.
* The paper must use MLA 7th OR 8th edition; it must be apparent which one you chose.
* It must paraphrase, summarize, and quote successfully.
* You want to create a logical argument that critically thinks about a subject. It should not be a book report style or have fallacies (flawed reasoning)
* The thesis must be solid and not fall into the traps we talked about in class.
* It must follow the standard form of intro, body, and conclusion, and it must have strong transitions from point to point.
* You will have three grades for this essay. A grade for your initial research, a first draft/conference, and the final draft. * You will not pass this class if you do not turn in the final essay.