Week 1, January 8th and 10th, Introduction to the Writing Process

Tues: Go over syllabus and introductions
  Homework: Read C-1 (pp. 3-15)

Thurs: The Writing Process -- the basics
  Homework: Read C-2 (pp. 15-32)

Class Outline Here you will find the lesson outline with any additional resources.

Journal 1: What type of writer are you? Slow and steady? Fast and furious? What purposes have you written for?What is your favorite genre? What is your learning style? What type of prewriting works for you? Lastly, what are your concerns with writing? (Due Tues, Jan. 15th)

Week 2, January 15th and 17th

Tues: The Writing Process cont. and Introduce the narrative (if time allows)
Homework:Read C-3 (pp. 32-37) and review B 1-4 (pp. 333 - 353)

Thurs:Parts of speech, finding subjects and verbs to avoid run-ons and fragments

Homework: Journal 2 and play The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

Journal 2: How is the story told? What are the most distinct elements of the story? Connect to key terms of the narrative like character, setting, etc. What are some of the underlying messages about gaming and childhood?


Week 3, January 22nd and 24th

Tues: Discuss topics of narratives and the game; Journal 3 (in-class or for homework)
Thursday: Writing interesting descriptions through photography; Journal 4
Homework:Write first draft to bring to your assigned conferences

Agenda and Homework

Week 4, January 29th and 31st

Conferences: Bring first draft printed out to your conference
Conference Schedule

Week 5, February 5th and 7th, 3-5 pages due

Tues: Conferences
Thurs: Conferences
Homework: Revise your essay according to the conference and bring a fresh copy to class on Tuesday.

Week 6, February 12th and 14th

Tues: Dialog

Journal 3: Pretend you are listening to two people talking about you (or your main protagonist). Think about what they would say about you and your story. Have the two people describe the story or you only through dialog.

Thurs: Narrative essay peer-review; take paper to English Lab

The Comma Power Point

Comma worksheet

Homework: Read R - 1 (357-369) and read over P-1 through 10 (287-330)
Final narrative due Tuesday; upload on Turnitin.com, and bring peer-review and signed English Lab draft

Week 7, February 19th and 21st

Tues: Punctuation; Journal 6: Me Generation due next class
Homework: Read R -2 (369-374) and A - 1 (71-82)

Discuss profile essays
Homework: Read R-3 (375-388)

PowerPoint on Interviews and Journal #6

Homework: Read Stein's "Me Generation"

Journal 7: What is the main idea of Stein's argument? How does he back this up? Do you agree with him? How is he bias toward millenials? Can you relate or do you think this is meant for a different audience? Is he bias throughout the work or do you think he makes up for it at the end of the article?

Week 8, February 26th and 28th

Tues: Discuss "Me Generation"
Writing Intros
Thesis Statements and Introductions

Thurs: Research--Finding and integrating sources

Research Power Point

Homework: Write first draft and bring it to your conference along with the annotation of your interview

Spring break! The week of March 5th

Week 9, March 12th and 14th

Scheduled Conferences

What to bring to your conference:
1. A Working Thesis
2. An Outline
3. Preliminary Research in a Works Cited page (MLA Formatting)
4. The interview or observation (or at least the questions and a summary of who you plan to interview or the plan for the observation)

Week 10, March 19th and 21st, 4-6 pages due

Tues: Conferences
Thurs: No class, Teacher out

Week 11, March 26th and 28th, Research

Tues: Homework: Peer-review; Read M - 1, 2, and 3
Thurs: Final draft due of Profile! Introduce the research paper;Acceptable topics and working out a thesis
Homework: Write a working thesis and three possible topics you can cover

Week 12, April 2nd and 4th, MLA Citation Format; Computer Lab

Tues: Research paper and share topics
Thesis Test
Thurs: Library Time: Find and cite your sources

Week 13, April 9th and 11th

Library Time: Summarize, quote and paraphrase your sources

For your conferences: 1. Write annotations for three of your sources (I will review what you gave me to go over during the conference) 2. A working thesis (this should be revised from before as needed) 3. An outline 4. Write one well-developed paragraph to bring to your conference that is not apart of your annotations—the intro would be best.

Week 14, April 16th and 18th

Thurs: Conferences

Week 15, April 23rd and 25th

Tues: Conferences

Thurs: conferences

Week 16, April 30th and May 2nd

Tues:Peer review; bring half-draft to class, including all the other info like the outline; Revising--are you summarizing, quoting and paraphrasing correctly?

Thurs: Finish peer-review

Common Grammar Issues

Essay due May 7th

Finals Weeks

Last day of class is May 7th; open conferences--make sure your paper is on Turnitin.com by the end of the day. If you need to see me, I will be in my office during classtime.