Instructions for Final Research Paper

The final essay is a research paper that is also a literary analysis.

You may pick the topic, but it must be approved. It must also utilize one or more of the readings from class. However, if I have read or watched a work that you would like to write about, just ask.


*2-3 pages

*2 academic sources from an academic database, not including the primary source

*A clear introduction, body, and conclusion

*A clear argument and angle that is unique and thoughtful

*Uses MLA formatting style and layout throughout the essay

A research paper in literature has many layers and takes planning, thought, and the ability to use the writing process. You will not be able to write this paper the night before and pass it, and it is 20% of your grade in this class. Please start early, plan ahead, and revise.

Due Dates:

Topic/thesis due: April 18th
Conferences: April 23th, 25th, 30th, and May 2nd
Essay due: May 7th; the only exceptions will require an incomplete

The essay will be graded holistically on the integrity of the mechanics and grammar, the quality of the analysis/critical thought, organization, and the use of secondary sources. Plot summaries of works are not acceptable as it should highlight what you learned throughout the class about how to approach literature in thoughtful, critical ways. Utilizing literary theory is always a plus as well.