For this assignment, you should write a story about your life. Think of something significant that has happened in your life that has made an impact on your life. You may get creative by thinking of a way to fictionalize your life as sometimes deep meaning can come from this.


*3-5 pages
*MLA formatting layout and style


*Do not tell me your life story.
*With that, do not feel you must include every detail, yet you want to vividly describe the ones you do include.
*Make sure you evoke the senses using sensory imagery.
*Think of a story that involves a change.

Questions you should think about:

*You will be your main character or protagonist. Will you have any other characters?

*Plot: Can you tell a story in a page? Think of a story short enough to fit in a page.

*Setting: Where will your story take place? When did it take place?