Profile Essay

Profiles can focus on a place, a person, an event, a business, an occupation or an activity; the purpose is to inform and to entertain the reader with an analytical, thought-provoking perspective of the given topic. Although you can bring in a persuasive tone, it should remain fair and non-bias toward the given focus. However, you can still have a certain tone that shapes your perspective toward the topic you choose.

Topics: You must get your topic approved by me, and when you think of a topic, remember to think of something that interests you and one that can be made interesting for the reader. The topic must be selected to reflect the space that you have for the given assignment.

*Must be 4 - 6 pages
*Must focus on one place, person, event, ect.
*Must integrate an interview or observation you conducted yourself; a seperate assignment will be required that documents what you observed or the interview you conducted.
*Must have three additional sources (credible, but can be popular sources)

You will turn in a draft of your interview, a first-draft with preliminary research, a peer-review sheet, and the final draft.