Weekly Schedule for Short Story and Poetry

(You must be prepared with the reading that is listed on the given day.)

Week 9, March 12 and 14

Tuesday: Flash Fiction due!
Walcott, “Sea Grapes”; other poetry and works

Thursday: Post-colonial Literature

Journal 12: Discuss how each story forces the reader to understand or explore a historical aspect. Then, explain the historical references. In other words, close read one of the poems we discussed in class.

Week 10, March 19- 21

Tuesday:Finish Poetry; Presentation Workshop

Thursday: No class, Teacher out

Week 11, March 26 - 28

Tuesday: Alexie, “What You Pawn I Will Redeem” (498)

Journal 13: Discuss the tone of the story? How is Native American life depicted? How is this different from the stereotypes? What does the regalia represent?

Browse the United States Holocaust Museum’s Website and note 1 - 3 facts you did not know about the Holocaust to share in class. Thursday: Holocaust Literature

Journal 15: TBA in class
Selections TBA

Week 12, April 2 - 4

Tuesday: Holocaust Literature cont. and discuss the presentation
Speigelman, Selection from Maus

Journal 16: Discuss how Holocaust literature is different than the other works we have read in class. Make sure you focus both on the poetry and the prose.

Thursday: Workshop day on presentations (Bring a laptop!)

Week 13, April 9 and 11

Tuesday: Theory Presentations

Thursday: Presentations, cont.

Journal 17 (50 point journal): Reflect on the presentations; how can theory change perspectives of works and further understanding? Take one work we read in class and apply three different theories on it to show an example.

Week 14, April 16 and 18

Tuesday: No class--teacher out

Thursday: Discussion of the final paper and how to write with secondary sources

Writing for Literature PowerPoint

Essay Example

What to bring to your conference:
1. Your thesis 2. At least two secondary sources: Cited in MLA formatting style and summarized
3. An outline of the points you plan to make, including examples from the text
4. One paragraph that states a topic sentence, integrates one of the secondary sources, and includes an analysis and/or examples from the text

Week 15, April 23 and 25

Tuesday and Thursday: Conferences

Week 16, April 30 and May 2

Tuesday and Thursday: Conferences

Final Paper is due on May 7